Delicious organic snacks

Pure Organic

The Freche Freunde snacks are all made of fruit and veg. All ingredients are 100% organic agricultural products. The snacks come without any additives. We offer a choice of snacks with children’s health at their heart.

Freche Freunde snacks are tasty and fun

Tasty and Fun

We create tasty children’s snacks that taste great and have a cheeky design! They help children to have fun making friends with fruit and vegetables.

Freche Freunde Snacks are convenient

To Go

The Freche Freunde are children’s snacks that are ideal for taking out and about. We offer a product range as alternative to sweets and fatty snacks and also the door to a whole world full of jokes, vitality and fun.

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DIY Googly Bookmarks

Hi my friend, it’s Carl Carl Carrot speaking. Today I want to show you how to create nice fruit and veg bookmarks. I am sure (even if you can’t read yet!) you have your favourite books! At home, your parents will read it to you… or maybe your big sister. Or you open it yourself

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Freche Freunde Pins

Hi there, it’s me, Lisa Lime! I am so exited! Why? We just received our new Freche Freunde Pins from our friend Manuela. Hello Manuela!!! Thank you so much!! We gonna wear them in London! Yes, that’s right, the Freche Freunde go on tour!!! In the end of the week, we will drive all the

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DIY Cress & Upcycling

Upcycling and cultivating: DIY cress in squeezy pouches is so easy to do and a lot of fun. Watching your cress grow about an inch in less than 4 days is exiting. And the best thing is that YOU can “harvest” it, you don’t need your mommy or daddy to help you! How you do it? First

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