Natacha and Alex are parents and also aunt and uncle to a grand total of 10 nieces and nephews.

They understand that parents want to do their best for their little ones, especially when it comes to food. Yet there wasn’t much on the market for those difficult days when busy family life left little time for washing and chopping fruit and veg. Not to mention the times when youngsters pull a face at the sight of something healthy. It can be tough! That’s why Natacha and Alex launched Freche Freunde in 2010. And they’ve been bursting with ideas for innovative, healthy snacks ever since. So kids can now playfully make friends with different fruit and veg, which also makes their parents’ lives easier. Natacha and Alex’s son Dylan is their biggest source of inspiration.

You can find out more about Freche Freunde’s founders and company history under Our Mission.

Founders of Freche Freunde

The Neumanns