Natacha Nectarine

Natacha aka Natacha Nectarine

French-born Natacha has always been a real food-lover. Her childhood dream was to be a detective. The youngest of four children, she travelled extensively with her family at an early age. After finishing high school in England she studied Management in London where she met Alex who is now her husband. After her studies Natacha worked in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline in Dublin and Mexico City. Yet she’s still a little detective at heart. Today, she loves tracking down new product innovations. Natacha focuses on Freche Freunde’s design, product development and finance.

Natacha’s hobbies: Cooking, swimming and reading
Natacha’s Freche Freunde: Natacha Nectarine
Natacha’s favourite fruit: Raspberry
Natacha’s favourite vegetable: Eggplant

Alex Artichoke

Alex aka Alex Artichoke

As a child, Alex wanted to be a professional footballer. Then over the years the world of business sparked his interest and he opted to study management in England. Whilst at university he met Natacha, who is now his wife. Alex worked in marketing management for Nestlé in Switzerland and for five years in Mexico City before launching Freche Freunde. And Natacha was always with him! Alex’s love of travel means he and Natacha have almost explored the whole world – despite his mild fear of flying!
Alex heads up Freche Freunde’s new product development & coordination and sales.

Alex’s hobbies: Football, jogging and golf
Alex’s Freche Freunde: Alex Artichoke
Alex’s favourite fruit: Mango
Alex’s favourite vegetable: Spinach

Felix Fennel

Felix aka Felix Fennel

Felix comes from deepest Bavaria. After finishing high school he wanted to see more of the world. He left his region’s mountains and forests behind and upped sticks to the German capital. He trained in a Berlin hotel and enjoyed a couple of exciting years in the hospitality industry before overseeing exports for a Berlin marzipan company. After the hospitality and confectionary industries he’s now healthily indulging his passion for good food at Freche Freunde.
Felix looks after our sales & distribution.

Felix’s hobbies: Cooking, music and climbing
Felix’s Freche Freunde: Felix Fennel
Felix’s favourite fruit: Mango
Felix’s favourite vegetable: Carrot

Franzi Fig

Franziska aka Franzi Fig

Franziska was born and bred in northern Germany which is why Hamburg harbour is one of her favourite places. She left her hometown behind after high school to travel around Australia for a year. Next, she moved to Leipzig to do Arabic studies at university. Her on-going fascination with the Arab world saw her living for a time in Cairo and travelling through Syria and Lebanon. Her career change came about by chance. She couldn’t resist the Freche Freunde mission and team spirit! Franzi is now responsible for our digital marketing.

Franzi’s hobbies: Yoga, jogging, sewing and DIY shopping
Franzi’s Freche Freunde: Franzi Fig
Franzi’s favourite fruit: Strawberry
Franzi’s favourite vegetable: Sweet potato

Jan Jacket Potato

Jan aka Jan Jacket Potato

Originally from the Stuttgart area, Jan always wanted to see the big wide world. He moved to New Zealand straight after finishing his bachelor’s degree at university. That helped him brush up his English for his Masters degree in Berlin and Chengdu (China). Now back from China, Jan is an Asian food enthusiast and already a three-time uncle. Healthy food is a subject close to his heart. The Freche Freunde mission immediately won him over and made this lively, cheeky spud a part of our family.
Jan is responsible for purchasing and is bowled over every day by the quality of our natural ingredients.

Jan’s hobbies: Kite surfing, travelling, meeting friends
Jan’s Freche Freunde: Jan Jacket Potato
Jan’s favourite fruit: Apple
Jan’s favourite vegetable: Tomato

Steffi Spinach

Stefi aka Stefi Squash

Stefi hails from the beautiful Black Forest. She still misses its mountains, especially in winter when her snowboard is calling. After finishing high school in Portugal, Steffi returned to Germany to do cultural studies at university. She then worked in sports marketing and has worked with innovative products she believes in ever since. Freche Freunde was a perfect fit for Stefi after she finished her Masters studies. She can combine her enthusiasm for meaningful, sustainable product ideas with her love of networking and fun, child-focused work. She’s also got a soft spot for yummy snacks!
Stefi is responsible for Freche Freunde’s marketing and PR.

Stefi’s hobbies: Travelling with friends, cinema, reading, trying out fun sports, discovering the world
Stefi’s Freche Freunde: Steffi Squash
Stefi’s favourite fruit: Grapefruit
Stefi’s favourite vegetable: Tomato

Lisa Lime

Isabelle aka Bella Broccoli

Isabelle was born in Berlin but she’s not a typical big city girl. The reason? She grew up south of Berlin in peaceful Bohnsdorf. Isabelle loves her hometown so much that to date she’s only left it to go on holiday. It’s where she trained in marketing communications and did her business studies university degree. She makes a ‘To Do’ list for almost everything. She now wants to put her organisational skills and her enthusiasm for young, dynamic companies to good use by helping the Freche Freunde on their mission to spread the joys of delicious healthy eating to children.
As Freche Freunde’s office manager Isabelle is responsible for accounting and the team’s wellbeing.

Bella’s hobbies: Baking, jogging, cuddling her two cats
Bella’s Freche Freunde: Bella Broccoli
Bella’s favourite fruit: Blueberry
Bella’s favourite vegetable: Avocado

Lisa Lime

Caspar aka Caspar Cassis

Caspar was born in sleepy Karlsruhe but grew up in two major capitals: Istanbul and Berlin. Later, he became a lawyer but turned into a strategy consultant soon. That was more exciting, full of variety and taught him a lot. As all that's still important to him, he was fed up with traveling and loves having fun, he joined Freche Freunde. Freche Freunde won't even let go of him when he gets home: his little son is the city's main consumer of our squeezy pouches.
Caspar takes care of the numbers and looks after our operations.

Caspar’s hobbies: Sports, sports, sports
Caspar's Freche Freunde: Caspar Cassis
Caspar's favourite fruit: Raspberry
Caspar's favourite vegetable: Pea


Kim aka Kim Kiwi

Kim was born in Essen but his heart lies in Germany’s North Friesland, where he spent his childhood on the islands of Langeness and Föhr. After training as a chef he moved all around Germany, from Berlin to Freiburg and then back to Brandenburg via Dortmund. Meanwhile, he took his high school exams and studied packaging technology. Kim was first introduced to the Freche Freunde by his son and nowadays no shopping trip is complete without the googly-eyed friends. Kim looks after everything concerning logistics at Freche Freunde.

Kim’s hobbies: Sport, cooking and sailing
Kim’s Freche Freunde: Kim Kiwi
Kim’s favourite fruit: Pineapple
Kim’s favourite vegetable: Asparagus

Alex Avocado

Alex aka Alex Avocado

Alex hails from the Berlin area, meaning the Freche Freunde aren’t his only connection to the German capital. He grew up in Germany’s Franconia region and moved back again after completing his retail training in Munich. After various positions in commerce he sought out new challenges and gained his first experience in sales. The buzz of working for a young, dynamic company is what convinced him to join Freche Freunde. He’s responsible for field sales in Germany’s Saxony, Thuringia and North Bavaria region.

Alex’s hobbies: Travel, football and good food
Alex’s Freche Freunde: Alex Avocado
Alex’s favourite fruit: Strawberry
Alex’s favourite vegetable: Cucumber

Julia Josta

Julia aka Julia Jostaberry

Climbing mountains is in Julia’s blood because she comes from Germany’s Allgäu region. So it’s no wonder that she’s lived and worked in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg (meaning ‘mountain’) neighbourhood for the past decade. She’s been freelancing in the German capital ever since studying communication design in Augsburg and pursuing her goal of making the world a better-looking place. An allotment plot where she gets away from it all with her husband, son and friends is her green city oasis. With a little bit of help, the allotment produces an abundance of healthy food including vegetables, herbs, fruit and berries and not least jostaberries – a cross between red currants and gooseberries. Fresh blueberries are the only thing missing in Julia’s garden, which is why she travels to Stockholm, Sweden, to gather some from the nearby forests nearly every year. It’s virtually her second home...

Julia’s hobbies: Her garden, sewing, baking and Swedish
Julia’s Freche Freunde: Julia Jostaberry
Julia’s favourite fruit: Her own nectarines
Julia’s favourite vegetable: Red pepper


Basti aka Basti Blackberry

Basti is a true blue Berliner whose preferred mode of city transport is his Vespa. As a child he wanted to become a chef until he eventually progressed from banging pots to sound engineering. His on-going search for extraordinary things and his love of good food are what attracted him to Freche Freunde. Basti can be spotted on the road in the ‘Freche Freunde-mobile’ as regional sales director for the eastern region.

Basti’s hobbies: Cooking, snowboarding
Basti’s Freche Freunde: Basti Blackberry
Basti’s favourite fruit: Pear
Basti’s favourite vegetable: Broccoli


Lilith aka Lili Lychee

Dortmund-born Lili loves almost any kinds of food! After finishing high school, Lili’s love of good food took her first to Germany’s Lüneburg Heath area then to England, where she grew vegetables on organic farms and learned how to make cheese. Once back in Germany, she spent a year working in an organic food store and went on to learn more about business studies and the grocery sector by studying food management. During her study placement with German food firm Bauck, Lili particularly enjoyed working in sales and marketing and decided that was what she wanted to do after graduating. She now shares her love of good, healthy food with our partners and customers as the Freche Freunde’s sales representative in the northern region.

Lili’s hobbies: Travel, ballet, drinking cappuccinos, art and literature
Lili’s Freche Freunde: Lili Lychee
Lili’s favourite fruit: Mango
Lili’s favourite vegetable: Asparagus


Sebastian aka Sebastian Sweet Potato

Sebastian is a recent newcomer to Berlin who originally comes from a tiny village in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia. He spent 3.5 years working for a bank after finishing high school. His experience working with children includes a period of voluntary work, which involved looking after them daily and helping out with transport. His business studies degree took Sebastian to Cologne. Although he’s not really a fan of the city’s carnival, as a non-local Sebastian got used to Cologne’s riotous festivities. He also indulged his love of football there by playing in a team as well as supervising youth teams. After finishing his Bachelors degree he embarked on a new adventure in the German capital. Sebastian quickly found a really exciting role at Freche Freunde where he now helps with purchasing and logistics.

Sebastian's hobbies: Football, sport, travel
Sebastian's Freche Freund: Sebastian Sweet Potato
Sebastian's favourite fruit: Apple
Sebastian's favourite vegetable: Red pepper


Fiete aka Fiete Feijoa

Coming from the North Fiete enjoyed stormy weather for a long time. As life went by, he decided to see whats out there and left his cozy home after high school to travel the world. Fascinated by its beauty and variety, Fiete wanted to learn as much as he could about the world. That's when he decided to study business administration and business psychology in Lüneburg. On top of it, he did his Masters degree in Munich, which prepared him to carry out mission "world peace". However, where could you better start pursuing this mission than at Freche Freunde? You can't! So Fiete now works in international business development and sales at Freche Freunde, while writing his master thesis.

Fiete's hobbies: Sports, drawing, playing pranks, music
Fiete's Freche Freunde: Fiete Feijoa
Fiete's favourite fruit: Cherry
Fiete's favourite vegetable: Pumpkin


Dirk aka Dirk Dragonfruit

Dirk was born and raised in cologne. In high school he worked at a supermarket, where he discovered his passion for food. After high school he completed his training as retail salesman and trader assistant. Soon it became one of his dreams to have a own supermarket, which he eventually had for fifteen years. Looking for new challenges, Dirk discovered Freche Freunde and their great mission. He joined them and is now part of the sales force.

Dirk’s hobbies: Cycling, walking in the snow, food (and cooking), working on the computer and in the garden
Dirk’s Freche Freunde: Dirk Dragonfruit
Dirk’s favourite fruit: Nectarine
Dirk’s favourite vegetable: Tomato


Ricardo aka Ricardo Romanesco

Ricardo was born in the beautiful city of Leipzig, where he grew up and became a cheerful, creative and extrovert Person. Early on he started to love exploring things and Places while getting to know new people. Eventhough he travelled as far as Brazil, his heart belongs to Italy. Ricardo first became a photo lab technician, before he joined the German army to finally end up as a retail salesman. During his journey of life he moved from Saxon, Saxony-Anhalt over Bavaria to Lower Saxony. Since two years he is married and proud dad of a daughter. As a sales representative he is supporting Freche Freunde in Lower Saxony.

Ricardo’s hobbies: exploring the world through his camera lens, books by Neil Gaiman, music, poetry
Ricardo’s Freche Freunde: Ricardo Romanesco
Ricardo’s favourite fruit: Raspberries
Ricardo’s favourite vegetable: Broccoli


Erik aka Erik

Eriks was born in Jena before his family moved to the south of Leipzig. Erik grew up on his grandfathers farm close to Leipzig. As soon as he was old enough he became a chef. Afterwards Erik worked as an au pair on the Iberian Peninsula. After discovering his wanderlust at a Basque bar, Erik traveled through Europe before finally finding his way back to his grandpas farm. On behalf of Freche Freunde Eriks is now a sales representative in Saxon, Thuringia and northern Bavaria.

Erik’s hobbies: His farm
Erik’s Freche Freunde: Erik
Erik’s favourite fruit: Quince
Erik’s favourite vegetable: Pea


Julia aka Jules Jackfruit

Julia is originally from Vienna. Eventhough big city life has its perks, Julia enjoys being on the country side. During her studies in enviromental management and nutrition science, she could intensify her love for nature. Soon she felt the need to discover the world. Traveling through Poland, India and Thailand, Julia finally found a new home in Berlin. There she started working in the sales departemnet of an importing company selling organic food products. At Freche Freunde she can now deepen her passion for organic food, while working in the sales department serving clients.

Julia’s hobbies: Yoga, cooking and walks
Julia’s Freche Freunde: Jules Jackfruit
Julia’s favourite fruit: Apple
Julia’s favourite vegetable: Tomato


Katharina aka Kati Kohlrabi

Katharina has her roots in Northern Germany but was raised in East-Westphalia. She eventually ended up in Hamburg after graduating from high school. There she became a hotel manager. After working in the hotel business for a couple of years, Katharina developed a new thirst for knowledge, which she satisfied by becoming a business economist. Following Katharina gained experience in sales for four years. The Freche Freunde mission inspired her so much, that she wanted to become part of the Freche Freunde family. Now she is serve as a sales representative in Northern Germany.

Kati’s hobbies: Travelling, cinema, theatre, reading and cooking
Kati’s Freche Freunde: Kati Kohlrabi
Kati’s favourite fruit: Raspberry
Kati’s favourite vegetable: Cauliflower


Lydia aka Lydia Lentil

Lydia was born close to Berlin. She spent her childhood in Meck-Pomm. During her training in hotel school, Lydia discovered her love for numbers and accounting. Subsequently, Lydia moved to Hamburg and finally to Berlin. Being back in Berlin, Lydia only misses the sea...sometimes. In Berlin Lydia gained working expereince in several companies and start-ups. Simultaneously, she expaned her knowledge with a university degree in economics. Lydias daughter is a huge squeezy pouches fan is eats one up in a minute. It is important for Lydia to be behind the product 100%, for that reason she is thrilled to be be the accountant at Freche Freunde now.

Lydia's hobbies: Walks by the sea, playing volleyball, watching movies, road trips
Lydia’s Freche Freunde: Lydia Lentil
Lydia’s favourite fruit: Watermelon
Lydia’s favourite vegetable: Tomato


Julia aka Julia Jalapeño

Julia grew up in Bautzen and Dresden, where she also studied food processing engineering. During her studies Julia got the feeling, that producing food is very exciting from a technical point of view, nevertheless enviromental, health and social issues are overseen in a lot of big companies. That's why she ended up working for a small start-up in the Netherlands after graduating from university. Looking for a new job in order to be closer to beloved friends and family, Julia discovered Freche Freunde. Now Julia is responsible for quality management.

Julia’s hobbies: Sewing, baking, crafting, dancing, music, watching movies, relaxing by the sea
Julia’s Freche Freunde: Julia Jalapeño
Julia’s favourite fruit: Blueberry
Julia’s favourite vegetable: Carrot


Linda aka Linda Leek

Linda is a genuine Berliner, eventhough she already travelled quite a lot. Following her apprenticeship in mediadesign Linda studied media business, resulting in her gaining working experience in marketing within the food industry. Her enthusiasm for food and affinity for the online community brought her to Freche Freunde. There Lindas field of expertise includes online sales and the Freche Freunde online shop.

Linda’s hobbies: Collecting stamps, reading, felting, drawing, riding horses
Linda’s Freche Freunde: Linda Leek
Linda’s favourite fruit: Raisins
Linda’s favourite vegetable: Brussel sprout


Markus aka Markus Maracuya

Born and Raised in Upper Austria, Markus loved picking up black currant, plums and elderberries in his mums garden. To this day his love for local fruits is going strong - as soon as Markus visits his home Austria he empties his parents store room. Apart from that, Sports have been always a big part in Markus' life, which is why he studied sports. Following his studies Markus ended up in the German capital to work in sports marketing and organising events. It was also in Berlin, where he discovered Freche Freunde and decided to trade sports marketing for organising all great Freche Freunde events.

Markus’s hobbies: Running, skiing, playing the guitar, hiking, racket sports
Markus’s Freche Freunde: Markus Maracuya
Markus’s favourite fruit: Apple
Markus’s favourite vegetable: Carrot


Madeline aka Madeline Mulberry

Madeline is originally from the countryside in Saxon. Early on she was highly interested in topics like sustainability and nutrition. As a vegetarian Madeline was an exception in her small hometown, so she decided to move to Leipzig and study cultural studies. Later she was part of several projects in the music industry, before she decided to look out for new professional adventures. Eventually, Madeline ended up working for a PR agency consulting clients in the organic food industry. Hence, the perfect fit for doing public relations at Freche Freunde, which she is doing now. At Freche Freunde Madeline is the contact person for journalists and bloggers. Further, Madeline tries to make Freche Freunde even more sustainable and coordinates the company's social responsibility projects.

Madeline’s hobbies: Cats, yoga and food
Madeline’s Freche Freunde: Madeline Mulberry
Madeline’s favourite fruit: Mango
Madeline’s favourite vegetable: Baby spinach


Stefanie aka Steffi Strawberry

Steffi spent her childhood in a small village in Austria. Soon she had the desire to not only see the world but also to be active in shaping it creatively. After her studies in media design in Austria and Finnland, Steffi moved to Berlin to be a full-time designer. She always liked designing new innovative designs and kids, so it was logical for Steffi to end up at Freche Freunde. There she is doing all new fruity designs.

Stefanie’s hobbies: Skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, relaxing, meeting friends
Stefanie’s Freche Freunde: Steffi
Stefanie’s favourite fruit: Banana
Stefanie’s favourite vegetable: Tomato and avocado


Anna aka Anna Arugula

Anna is a true Berliner. Growing up with seven siblings, Anna dreamed of becoming a passionate runner. After finishing high school Anna fulfilled another dream of her working and living as an Aupair in Colorado, USA. Following this experince she studied packaging technology in Berlin. On top Anna did her masters degree in packaging, design & marketing in Stuttgart. Since Anna loves baking so much, she decided to gain some working experince in the bakery of a small café before she managed her own foodtruck. Looking for new adventures, Anna eventually ended up supporting Freche Freunde in product development and packaging.

Anna's hobbies: Baking and kitchen experiments, cycling, walks
Anna’s Freche Freunde: Anna Arugula
Anna’s favourite fruit: Pineapple and banana
Anna’s favourite vegetable: Arugula


Silvia aka Silvi Sweet Cherry

Silvia is new in Berlin. She grew up in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden. After finishing her traineeship in wholesale and foreign trade, she worked in accounting for a company selling outdoor clothing. Besides her job as an accountant Silvia completed her training in business administration. During her voluntary social year Silvia worked in an elementary school, where she enjoyed helping kids with their homework as muh as playing and laughing with them. Since a dear friend introduced Silvia to Freche Freunde, Silvia decided to support them on their mission as an accountant.

Silvia's hobbies: Exploring new cities and countries, taking pictures, spending time with friends
Silvia’s Freche Freunde: Silvi Sweet Cherry
Silvia’s favourite fruit: Strawberry
Silvia's favourite vegetable: Pumpkin


Oliver aka Olli Olive

Olli always lived, with one exception, which was the year he spent with work and travel in Australia, in Berlin. After graduating from high school and finishing civilian service, Olli became an agent for haulage and logistic services. After working a couple of years, Olli decided to travel the world and start studying history and political science. Soon he noticed, that he is more likely organising events, than reading the assigned books. So he decided to go back to the world of logistics and started working at Freche Freunde.

Oliver's hobbies: Travelling the world, fun activities with friends
Oliver’s Freche Freunde: Olli Olive
Oliver’s favourite fruit: Apple and citrus fruits
Oliver's favourite vegetable: Broccoli and red cabbage